Facility Information

Facility Information

The Hakodate Jomon Culture Center is a museum exhibiting Hokkaido's first national treasure, the Hollow Clay Figure (Chuku-Dogu), and various other clay and metal instruments. The museum which is also a roadside station, offers a menu of five hands-on activities.

  • Address:551-1 Usujiri-cho Hakodate City Hokkaido 041-1613
  • Phone:+81-(0)138-25-2030
  • Hours of Operation:9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (closes 4:30PM November 1 to March 31)
  • Closed:on Mondays (closed the next day if Mondays are national holidays), every last Friday of the month, New Year's holiday.
  • Parking Lots:5 Large Vehicles, 33 cars, 2 for disabled persons.

Facility Map

  • A.Exhibition Room 1
  • B.Exhibition Room 2
  • C.Exhibition Room 3
  • D.Exhibition Room 4
  • E.Hands-on Lab
  • F.Roadside Station Jomon Roman Minamikayabe

A.Exhibition Room 1

Your entrance to the world of Jomon. Adaptive to the severe environment, the prosperity of Jomon culture endured for over ten thousand years. The Jomon culture is a unique Japanese culture unprecedented throughout the world.

B.Exhibition Room 2

Various tools and vessels made of clay, stone and bones, hold the wisdom and ingenuity of the Jomon, as well as their vertical cave housing and storage pits. From these artifacts, we can explore the life of the hardy Jomon.

C.Exhibition Room 3

The Jomon culture is epitomized by its spiritual nature built in coexistence with the environment. The Jomon's belief in regeneration and circulation can be sensed from artifacts such as the foot printed slate and clay figure.

D.Exhibition Room 4

This clay figure found in the Chobonaino Ruins is hollow inside, its surface fine and thin with exquisite patterns. This figure, which became the first to be designated as a national treasure in Hokkaido, will be on permanent exhibition here.

E.Hands-on Lab

Hall for study sessions and various hands-on activities such as Angin knitting and Magadama (comma-shaped bead) crafting. Activity menus are available without reservation. Contact us for further information.

F.Roadside Station Jomon Roman Minamikayabe

Information area regarding local specialties and souvenirs. Restrooms, parking lots and pay phones are available 24 hours. This is the only Roadside station in the nation to hold a national treasure integrated with a museum facility.

Admission Fees

(For groups of 20 or more visitors)
Students and Children150yen120yen
Preschool ChildrenFreeFree

※For Group visits a representative must purchase admission for the group and the group must enter together.
※Hakodate citizens of 65 or older and disabled persons have free admission.
※Elementary/junior high school students residing in or in schools with Hakodate have free admission.



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